Career services for non-Czech speaking students at CTU

Do you study at Czech Technical University in Prague but you do not speak Czech in order to take part in all activites of Career Center?

Check out our offer for non-Czech speakers!

Career Counselling

Not sure how to write a motivation letter? Where to search for a job opportunity? How to prepare for a job interview? Should you create a LinkedIn profile? All these questions may arise when you are thinking about working in the Czech republic.


How to write a CV that would stand out?


How to start with LinkedIn

What to write in the CV if I do not have work experience


How to plan your career? How to reach your dream despite obstacles or how to study effectively for exams? You can discuss these and other topics in a one-to-one coaching session (date by agreement).

Other possible topics:

Efficient timemanagement.

Finding (and improving) work-life balance.

How to improve self-management.

How to prioritize?

Job offers

We post several job offers every week. Some of them are suitable even without knowing the Czech language:

      We have also gathered several links about internships in the Czech Republic and abroad. Check it out here. 

      Mentoring programme

      Every year we gather around 50 mentors who are open to a cooperation with CTU students. Broad range of companies and professions. Most of mentors are open to mentor in English and some of them even in other languages besides Czech and English.

      We start in March when we release the list of mentor, the application period ends at the end of March. Between April and December you meet your mentor and work on your professional and personal development.

      CV Aid

      You have just found a job offer you are interested in but you are not sure about your CV, motivation letter or a LinkedIn profile? CV Aid is here for you to save your time! Our external colleague will help you and answer all your questions just in 48 hours after you send your materials to us.

      Career-focused library

      There are about 200 books in the library and some of them are in English.

      Dive into Psychology with Understanding the Dynamics of Typical People written by Richard Bents or Psychology of Talent by Robert Edenborough.

      Here is the full list of books.

      Would you like to know more about how we can help? Interested in any of services?